On the 7th of December, 2017 Australia achieved Marriage Equality. Love is Love! #AllLoveIsEqual 
All photographs by Braden Summers. Recorded by Riversong Music. Contributing artists Chris E Thomas, Shawn Lidster, Scott Bird. Produced by Andrew Beck. Edited by Trudi Bird.

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Men From Earth started as a band in 2013 and has now evolved into an environmental arts project. The debut album 'Wildwood Echoes' is available on iTunes and at the Riversong Music store.

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My solo album, Riversong, is about our connection with the planet and all that is. It’s about listening to the Riversong; singing with the land. Inspired by The Valley Wilderness Retreat, my spiritual home in Tasmania.

"Keep spinning out those silken lyrics and music that transport the listener to another place where the troubles of the world can be pushed to the side for a moment in time." M.Sippel